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The Board of Directors welcomes your views and questions on matters of governance.

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Pearson College UWC
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Pearson College UWC is incorporated by the official designation, Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific and United World Colleges (Canada) Inc. under the Canada Corporations Act. The College is also registered under the British Columbia Society Act as an extra-provincial society and is a registered charity under the Federal Income Tax Act. Pearson College UWC is one of 18 United World Colleges (UWCs) located throughout the world. Although affiliated with UWC, Pearson College UWC operates as an autonomous entity governed by our Board of Directors. The College also serves as the UWC National Committee for Canada, supervising and administering the activities of provincial student selection committees across the country. Our current Board of Directors.

Governance and By-Laws

The governance document outlines the Board’s mandate, as well as roles and responsibilities of Directors and Board Committees.


The By-Laws approved at the Annual General Meeting in October 2013 with subsequent revisions around membership approved at the Annual General Meeting in November 2014.

Nomination and Election Policy and Procedure

The Nomination and Election Policy and Procedure outlines how nominations and elections for the College Board take place. A Nominations Period is established annually by the Governance Committee. Nominations for election periods are normally announced prior to the Annual General Meeting in November.

Board Vacancies

Members of the Pearson College UWC Board of Directors are normally elected to three-year terms and are eligible to serve up to two consecutive terms. The Board anticipates three vacancies in 2021. This is a skills-based Board which seeks committed and skilled Directors in accordance with Board Policies, including its Diversity Policy. If you would like to nominate someone to the College’s Board, please use this form.

Board History

Read about the history of the College Board.

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Today, Pearson College UWC faces a number of key strategic challenges including: attracting the most promising students, aging infrastructure, offering innovative curriculum and programming, addressing reduced public awareness, and ensuring financial stability. It must adapt to a changing world by coming to terms with these emerging challenges and having the courage to embrace new opportunities. Read the complete plan here.