Essential Agreements at Pearson College UWC

(Dr Gunderson/UWC Movement/IB Colleges)

All of these agreements below apply to both adults and students however the first part is more applicable to adults.

We agree to create environments of trust where all members can express views supportively at Pearson College UWC.

Providing opportunities for anonymized feedback during interactions and learning is an essential method to help identify and resolve issues before they escalate.

We acknowledge that everyone has strong views, biases and contexts as well as different intersections of privilege. Nobody is neutral or purely objective.

Awareness of micro-aggressions and tokenism helps to create safe spaces for all discussion and debate.

We all need to be aware of power dynamics and adult staff need to continually reflect on the way they can influence students.

We will prioritize training to ensure difficult conversations, debates and provocations are introduced skillfully and effectively in group situations.

For students

At Pearson College UWC, we do not want to create a culture of fear where concerns about misspeaking dominate the agenda. We must create discussion cultures where we can engage with contentious and often difficult topics.

Students as well as adults must actively seek solutions to problems that are identified. Finding common ground creates better communities.

Challenging injustice is an expectation of a UWC education and sometimes we should be prepared to experience forms of discomfort as a precursor to engagement with deeper political issues. Developing this form of resilience is essential in order to develop life-long conflict resolution skills.

At Pearson College UWC, we should assume ‘positive intent’ when dealing with decision making. If we assume both employees and students are working positively to improve the experience for the community we can resolve issues more effectively.

All communication, especially online, must reflect both the values and essential agreements the Pearson community adheres to.