Truth and Reconciliation Day 2021

On 30 September, we marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada with a series of on-campus gatherings, remembrances, songs and celebrations of Indigenous peoples and their resilience. We reflected on the lasting impact of “Indian” residential schools on Indigenous families and communities and we paused with gratitude to mark our campus home on the traditional lands of the Sc’ianew First Nation.

No peeking! 😊 Students, faculty and staff gathered at House common room workshops to learn and discuss throughout the day.

At morning workshops in each House, faculty and students led sessions with thought-provoking questions and discussions about Indigeneity here and across the globe.

Orange bracelets, shirts and wraps helped us mark how Truth and Reconciliation Day also evolved from the efforts of those who told their stories on Orange Shirt Day.  

Students brought laughter and joyful competition to the day by sharing traditional Dene, Inuit and other Nations games!

Students Maverick (Canada-NT) and Adanchilla (Canada-YK) graciously hosted an Indigenous AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for the entire campus community.