“The UWC mission resonated with me the moment I read it. It was the ‘missing piece’ in my puzzle to define what my role, and that of my generation, should be in implementing the Colombian Peace Agreement. The accord had ended a 50-year armed conflict in my home country just months before the beginning of my studies at the College. As a Colombian at such a crucial time, adopting the UWC mission as a life motto never seemed more appropriate. At Pearson, I had hopes of gaining an education like no other; what I got was a transformational experience that extended beyond the confines of a classroom and resulted in a network of global friendships and life-long connections with people who, like myself, are committed to building a better world.  

I am entering my third year at the University of Toronto – Trinity College, studying International Relations, Economics, and Political Science. I am the first Colombian (and second PCUWC alum) to be awarded the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, Canada’s premier scholarship for international undergraduate students, covering all expenses, from tuition to housing to books, for four years. While I cannot donate large sums of money, I believe it is the commitment to give back––within one’s means––that truly matters. Pearson greatly impacted my resolve to work for a more peaceful and sustainable world. As a monthly donor, I am paying it forward so that many other students, from all corners of the world, can benefit from the same life-changing experience.”

Daniel Corredor (Year 45/2020, Colombia)