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Alumni Survey 2020 Results

About the Survey

What is the Alumni Survey?

In the summer of 2020, Pearson College UWC alumni were asked to share their thoughts on alumni engagement with Pearson through an online survey. There were several motives behind this survey, including reigniting the way Pearson engages with alumni, for alumni to tell us more about what is most meaningful to them, and also to use this as an opportunity to reconnecting with as many alumni as possible. The data collected from the survey is intended to directly help Craig (Head of College) and his team better understand our alumni community, assist with ongoing efforts to renew and re-found Pearson College UWC, and chart future strategies based on what they hear from many voices.

Responses to the Survey

Most respondents completed the survey in its entirety, whereas others completed varying percentages of the questions.

Total Responses to the Survey

Respondent Demographics

Countries Represented by Respondents

A total of 108 countries of origin were represented among the respondents
Raw Data: Response count by country of origin

Countries with most Respondents

The top 12 countries with the most respondents, along with the number of responses from each one.
Raw Data: Response count by country of origin


United States



United Kingdom


Hong Kong






Responses by Canadian Province/Territory

In order of most responses to lease responses

Raw Data: Response count by Canadian province/territory

Engagement Level of the Respondents

We asked the respondents if they had already been engaged with Pearson prior to filling out this survey.


Note: the data below corresponds to only a portion of the questions that were asked of the respondents. We’re working on publishing all the data and hope to share it all shortly.

Respondent’s Self-Perceived Level of Social Impact

Respondents described how they perceive the social impact they are making. Below are a few randomly selected comments. 

I was a student activist on LGBT issue and race issues; then worked many years in LGBT organising and global, regional and local responses to HIV. Pearson gave me the confidence and tools to do this.

I’m honestly unable to identify what benefits I have brought to “the world” that result from my PC experience. I am the total of a lifetime of experiences and while those two years stand out, it would be disingenuous of me to claim any particular success or strength of mine resulted directly from that experience. […]

Participation in a range of UWC activities from selection to establishment of a new National Committee, contribution of positive experience of both current UWC students and alumni as they start their first steps after the UWCs and later in their careers.

Listening, learning, drawing from a wide variety of experiences and ideas and perspectives as well as critical thinking. When working with others, mediation and facilitating across divides, finding common ground and areas of shared meaning. […]

Relevance of the Pearson Experience

Respondents were asked to state the relevance of various aspects of the Pearson experience in their current lives.


state the Pearson Experience is still considered very relevant to their lives (especially in terms of values)


state that lifetime friendships are the most salient benefit/motivation for staying involved

Factors that Influence Involvement with Pearson the most

Time availability, distance and relevance remain top drivers influencing involvement among the respondents

  • Time Availability 58.6% 58.6%
  • Distance and Availability 42.8% 42.8%
  • Level of Interest 35.45% 35.45%
  • Priority and Values 32.56% 32.56%
  • Expected Measurable Impact 19.45% 19.45%
  • Other 15.99% 15.99%

Other Motivations to Engage With Pearson

Respondents described other motivations for continuing to engage with Pearson. Below are a few randomly selected comments.

What motivates me to engage with PC is also the drive to improve the experience for other students, to connect with alumni, improve the college politics and open the opportunities for a more diverse board of directors and college. To make the experience of being a PC student and alumna/us more inclusive. […]

In the late 1970s/early 80s, UWC in general, PC in particular were unique in their mission ; today, plenty of other schools have caught up and UWC is no longer the vanguard it once was ; phenomenally great school, but no sense of pushing the envelope of global education.

I wonder how much the previous admin really understood the PC value, and how much it REALLY valued to our faculty members and the community around. I know my experience is not singular, and many more alumni, way more established than me, would come here and be so shocked about the differences. […]

I have tons of gratitude for the experiences I lived in PC and for the friendships I made. However, for what I lived in the past while being there and the following years, I have felt a disconnection between the UWC values and the reality within PC.

Areas of Greatest Interest for Involvement

Here’s what the respondents indicated they would be most interested in getting involved with at Pearson.

Alumni Programs

(252-313 Respondents)

Organizational Framework Design

(220 Respondents)

City/Regional-based initiatives

(278 Respondents)

Annual Fund

(189 Respondents)

Thought Leadership Conferences

(262 Respondents)

Consulting other stakeholders

(162 Respondents)

Topics of Greatest Interest for Involvement

Here’s what the respondents indicated they would be most interested in getting involved with at Pearson.

Alumni Stories/Programs

(414 Respondents)

Current Day Campus Stories

(346 Respondents)

Pearson Strategy, Policy & Financial Results

(407 Respondents)


(238 Respondents)

How Respondents are Supporting Pearson

Percentages are based on the number of respondents who answered the question


have supported/are supporting Pearson financially


have supported/are supporting Pearson non-financially

Respondents Willing to Engage in Further Discussion

We asked participants if they would be willing to participate in future discussions on their involvement with Pearson, and if so, which formats would they prefer.

  • Interested in further engagement via focus-groups 56.1% 56.1%
  • Interested in further engagement via one-on-one interviews 51% 51%
  • Interested in designing a new engagement framework 31.56% 31.56%

What more can Pearson do

We asked respondents ‘What more could PC do to either interest you in engaging or else increase your level of engagement?’. Their answers can be clustered in following themes (in no particular order)

More values-alignment, integrity, transparency, accountability, real listening, appreciation

More direct involvement in and access to strategy-building, policymaking 

More opportunities to support students, mentoring, forming connections with students

More respect and action for diversity in governance, staff, activities

Endorsement of an independent PCAA and/or strengthening of the alumni network

Stronger relations with National Committees 

More thought leadership in education and curriculum development 

More off-campus Regional Reunions and Gatherings (in cities and other UWC campuses?) 

More clarity, visible communication regarding access to PC, volunteer options and programs 

More specific and personalised asks of time and talent rather than treasure only

More priority assigned to a return to full scholarship

Better management of internal affairs (Professional training, HR, student safety, etc) 

Better knowledge and engagement on indigenous front 

Better facilitation of professional career connections-networking 

Better facilitation of professional career connections-networking 

More virtual/remote current affairs-centered activities