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Laughter, Squeals, Field Trips and Water Fights | Summer Camps at Pearson

Pearson Welcomes 6-14-Year-olds to Unique Summer Outdoor Leadership Day Camps

This summer, our campus is taking on a younger vibe with the first-ever “Pearson Experiences” Summer Outdoor Leadership Day Camps for 6 to 14-year-olds.

Kids from across southern Vancouver Island enjoy participating in activities such as hiking, kayaking, sports, arts and crafts, drama, dance, leadership and team building.

In the safety of our indoor pool, campers take a break from the heat and are guided by certified kayking instructors in Kayaking for Beginner sessions.

Fridays are favourites among campers for fun water-based activities such as water fights and slip ‘n slides, as laughter and squeals can be heard all across campus.

“This is a challenging, yet exciting opportunity for me. I can see how I grow my knowledge about being a better leader every single day.” – Galy

For camp leaders Ben (Yr 47/2021, United Kingdom – England) (l) and Vy (Yr 47/2021, Vietnam) (r), both first-year and soon to be second-year students at Pearson College UWC, the experience as camp leaders is a challenging yet rewarding experience.

“Throughout my life I have worked a lot with kids. I helped and tutored them with their reading, sports, extra-curricular activities, maths and theatre. Spending my summer here and utilizing these skills is something I quite enjoy.”  – Ben

“In preparation for the summer camps we received First-Aid, safe-guarding and camp leader training which made me confident in creating fun and safe activities for the campers to participate in.” – Vy