Article submitted by the Student Store Board: Theo, Katja, Julia, Olivia, Joy, Shloke, Ani, Becca, Matias, Hayley, and adult supervisors Valérie and Aziz

As the academic year is coming to a close, the student store reported back in a mini “annual report” to the Pearson College UWC community.

This past year, the student store ran a profit of $7000! 30% of these funds will be donated back to the College, 20% is reinvested in the Student Store itself and a whopping 50% ($3500) was allocated via the Student Initiative Fund.

The purpose of the Student Initiative Fund is to support Pearson College UWC community projects that align with the UWC mission but may not otherwise receive funding from the College due to budget restrictions.

In lengthy meetings the Student Store Board discussed proposals and decided on the usage of this year’s Student Initiative Fund. The Board made a concerted effort to balance funding of both on and off campus projects, striving to help as many proposals as possible.

Without further ado, these are the projects that will receive funding through this year’s Student Initiative Fund:

  • Metal soccer nets: to support the Soccer CAS, intramural group, and all other Pearson soccer lovers
  • Waterproof mic case: to protect the microphone equipment in the recording studio from water damage
  • Lint LUV-Rs: to fund two Lint LUV-R filters, which will be attached to campus washing machines to collect microplastics from our laundry preventing them from entering local waterways, as part of a pilot project by the PC Green Team
  • Aquaponics: to invest in the materials necessary for an aquaponics project as part of the Gardening CAS next year
  • Common Room fridge: to purchase a mini-fridge and Tupperware for the Student Common Room, with the intention of making dining hall leftovers available for student consumption to reduce the amount of food waste generated in our kitchen
  • Refugee CAS Fun Day: to support the Spring Fun Day on 22 April 2018, where refugee families from a variety of regions were invited to campus to share meals, stories, culture and laughter
  • KULE: to support PC KULE’s feminine hygiene project in conjunction with the organization Days for Girls, as well as funds for stocking the library in Mukanga village in Kenya
  • GRACES Home for the Elderly: to support a meal for the residents of a senior’s home in the Philippines, organized by Ruby (YR 44/2019, Philippines)
  • Gia Bac Summer Camp: to support building a playground from recycled material for underprivileged children in Vietnam and to fund a documentary being made about this project, organized by Hieu (YR 44/2019, Vietnam)
  • Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy: to support Bronte’s (YR 43/2018, Canada-ON) participation at this international summer startup incubation program at Shenzhen University

The student store board also announced Olivia (YR 44/2019, Canada-ON) as the next student store general manager! Supported by the enthusiastic Year 44 members of the student store board, Julia, Shloke, Joy, Theo, and Hayley, the store is surely in capable hands for the upcoming year.

Well done guys and keep up the good work!