Faculty member Geoffrey Tindyebwa (far left) with his KULE/CAS student group, following a successful day of greening and cleaning the roadsides in Metchosin. Image credit: Dawn Boshcoff

Byline: by Dawn Boshcoff, Volunteer/Homestay Coordinator

Mechosinites, people who live in the district around Pearson College UWC, are among the most environmentally-conscious folks you may ever meet – just ask any current or past student.

And, after a pandemic interlude last year, Pearson students from more than 80 countries around the world, are again joining Metchosinites to pick up discarded trash from roadside ditches, along walking paths and on beaches. Sustainability is baked into the mission statement of the College, and the entire 18-school worldwide United World College movement, so it’s not unusual to see pairs of walking teens collecting trash in the district as they take up their role again as Years 47 and 48 students again take up their roles as caretakers and stewards of our shared community.

Students along the roadside and on trails are part of Pearson’s CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) and KULE groups, involved in community service projects throughout the school year. Their mission is to make a difference locally, by tackling environmental concerns, assisting not-for-profit organizations, meeting locals and, spending time with host families for project weeks, winter holidays, overnight stays and weekends.

Geoffrey Tindyebwa, Pearson teacher and founder and director of the KULE Foundation says, “Our students benefit most through learning beyond classrooms and beyond borders,” an approach which supports the College’s mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Pearson students enjoy meeting people throughout the Greater Victoria area and welcome the opportunity to chat and talk about their unique, two-year pre-university school in Metchosin.

The College is always recruiting for its Host Family Volunteer Program that sees people in Metchosin and throughout the region open their doors to Pearson students for a meal or an overnight or weekend stay in a Canadian family home. If you would like to join our extended Pearson family, by hosting one of these exceptional students, please call 250-216-6974 or visit www.pearsoncollege.ca to learn more.

The two-year, pre-university students come from over 150 countries to live, study and learn together pursuing their International Baccalaureate and an outdoor-oriented experiential education.