Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership – PSYL

The Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership (PSYL) is an intensive, interactive and experiential learning program for 15 to 18-year-olds . PSYL believes in the power of education to be real and relevant to the challenges facing the world and young people across the globe. Each summer, we build an international youth community committed to discovering who they are and what incredible change they can create.

Each day is a blend of educational, recreational, cultural and social activities — we want students to enjoy themselves at a safe, exceptional campus on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

PSYL is designed to strengthen the role young people play as community and world leaders and agents of positive change. Participants are encouraged to broaden their perspectives on key global issues and are offered opportunities to develop the skills they need – conflict resolution, facilitation, consensus decision making and action planning – to grow as leaders around the themes of peace, ecological sustainability, social justice and intercultural understanding. Students from British Columbia can receive 4 credits at the Grade 12 level through the External Credentials Program.

Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership – PSCL

PSCL is a brand new program launching June 2018. This experiential program grew out of the Pearson Seminar of Youth Leadership (PSYL) and is open to people 18+ interested in mobilizing toward social change who have experience in community organizing, anti-oppressive work, experience that is grounded in social justice, or have participated in experiential programs such as/ or similar to PSYL, and the United World Colleges (UWC).

Think of PSCL as a PSYL 2.0! Like PSYL, the focus will be on leadership, social justice, environmental justice, and personal growth. There will be Spirit Spots, Circles, Carpe Diems/Craft’Ems, and time spent on community building and on the land. PSCL leaders are committed to making this program collaborative. The majority of workshops will be led or informed by participants and the program will responsive to the desires, passions, interests, and understandings of its members.

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