Regional Days

Regional Days are special days throughout the College year that celebrate the cultures of our international student body. Students present workshops, performances and (perhaps most important of all!) create and share foods based on their heritage.

For the purposes of our Regional Days, the world is divided into six regions. During a single academic year, there are normally three regional days celebrated.

The regions are:
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Indian sub-continent
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Africa/Caribbean

Regional Days are not only days of fascinating learning—they have become days to explore, savour and honour our differences!

Special Topic Days

On Special Topic Days, the College community sets aside the regular routine to take part in a day organized around an important issue. These days are often led by students and can tackle subjects from education and gender to religion, sustainability and the global future.

One World

Each spring, Pearson College UWC students share the music, dance and stories of their homelands and their experiences at One World — an inspiring theatrical variety presentation of dance, song and international collaboration to bring the world to Victoria’s doorstep. All students work together to create each aspect of this production — from on-stage presentations to choreography and writing to costumes, lighting and sound and tech.

Perennial favourites, like the Gumboot dance, Ukrainian dance and the Pearson College UWC Choir are complemented by new and original performances every year. One World allows students to share in a challenging — yet ultimately rewarding — creative experience and supports the goal of learning to live, learn, laugh and grow together.