Project Week

One week per term, Pearson students head off-campus to pursue non-academic projects of their own design.

A core component of the CAS program, Project Week enables students to pursue the College mission outside the classroom under their own recognizance.

For many of our students, these are some of the most profound weeks during their time at the College. In the past, some have built housing for the homeless or worked with street youths. Others have created and led workshops on racism or performed theatrical presentations in the city while others have crewed on sailing expeditions or volunteered at community organizations.

Parameters around Project Week are broad, only requiring that students:

  • Ensure their projects can be categorized as a Creative, Outdoor or Service and Leadership Experience (or some combination of the three)
  • Design and plan their projects with supervision
  • Carry out these projects, once approved, by themselves or in small groups
  • Remain off campus for the week
  • Spend no more than $400
  • Over the two-year Pearson residency, at least one project should be a Service experience
  • Genuinely reflect on their experience.

Ultimately, Project Week is as meaningful as students choose to make it, as their interests, passions, creativity and energy drive it.

We expect all students to complete two projects in first year and at least one project in second year to successfully complete both the CAS and Pearson College UWC graduation requirements.

Summer Service Program

One of the core aims of the UWC movement is to enable talented, committed young people from around the world to become catalysts for positive change within their communities. In between first and second years, students follow an 80-hour Summer Service Program designed to give them an opportunity to apply skills learned at the College to their home communities. In doing so, it also demonstrates that service is integral to every life and within every community.