Where Do Our Students Come From?

Pearson Experience

At Pearson, we offer students the opportunity to embrace a whole education—a powerful one that pays equal respect to academics, service, leadership, physical pursuits, creative expression, vocational learning and living together.

We offer our students the opportunity to participate in a collaborative education as full-fledged members of the Pearson College UWC community.

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Working on Campus

A healthy, sustainable community is built on work—which is why everyone works at Pearson College UWC. For students, working on campus is a tremendous opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and develop a sense of responsibility. For faculty and staff, it is a chance to work with students they may have otherwise never known — and it has ensured that individuals such as the maintenance personnel, lab technicians, and kitchen and cleaning staff are also educators at Pearson, meaning all adults on campus share in the job of making the College a healthier, more sustainable place.

Through their work, students play a vital role in every aspect of campus life:

House Duties

Every week a changing group of students is on chore duty in each residential house. Students take out the trash, recycling and compost, vacuum the stairs, hallways and dayroom, plus clean the laundry room and kitchen.

Kitchen Service

Three or four times per year for a week, each student lends a hand in the school’s kitchens for the breakfast, lunch or dinner service.

Student Jobs

Every student at Pearson College UWC has a job overseen by a supervisor. Students complete one hour of work a week (or the equivalent) over the course of a term. Jobs may include:

  • English Tutors
  • Breadmakers
  • Firefighters/Emergency Responders
  • Receptionists
  • Photographers and Videographers and Editors
  • Greenhouse/Compost Workers
  • Lab Assistants
  • Library Assistants
  • Bike Maintenance Workers

Village Service

Once a year, for a week, students dedicate their afternoons to help care for and maintain our campus.

  • Mondays, they collect, sort and organize the recycling.
  • Wednesdays, they work on campus maintenance projects such as landscaping, leaf raking and any other seasonal grounds-keeping.
  • Fridays, they lend a hand in the greenhouse and gardens as well as with composting.