If I have a dual citizenship, may I apply to UWC through both countries?
No. Please apply to UWC through one national committee only. It’s often easier to apply through the country of your residence, as an interview is usually part of the selection process, but it’s ultimately your choice.
May I apply directly to Pearson College?
No. All our students come to us through UWC national committees, and in the case of Canada, through the UWC National Committee of Canada
Are UWCs high schools or colleges?

UWC colleges are pre-university, upper-level secondary schools. Usually students apply while in Grade 11, then attend a UWC college for their Grade 12 and one other year (sometimes referred to as a “gap year.”).

May I apply in grade 10?

Applications from Grade 10 students are accepted, but Grade 11 experience is preferred. If you apply in Grade 10 and are unsuccessful, you may apply again the following year to the Canadian selection system with no penalty.

Applicants from Quebec must
  • Be 16 or 17 years old in September 2016
  • Be in grade secondary 5 in September 2017, or be completing a year of volunteer work (or other applicable experience) before starting their CEGEP studies
  • Not have applied for a UWC scholarship in the past
What if I have already completed high school or earned a high school diploma?

Students are normally 16 or 17 years old at enrollment, although we do have students who start when they are 18 or 19. If you meet the academic requirements and are motivated to spend another two years in a pre-university setting, you are welcome to apply.

I'm currently in my first year of an IB program at another school. May I just attend a UWC college for the second year of the IB program and graduate?

No. Students must attend a UWC college for the full two years.

What if I don't speak the native language of the host country of the UWC college I am most interested in attending?

The main language of instruction at every UWC college is English, and every college offers at least one foreign language at the beginning level.

What is the UWC National Committee of Canada looking for in applicants?

There is no single formula for a successful UWC applicant as UWCs thrive on diversity. There are, however, common characteristics. Successful applicants tend to be academically strong students who have shown leadership in activities and community service. They are interested in internationalism and promoting global understanding. Many have special talents in such areas as art and music, and in the case of Pearson College UWC students, a keen interest in exploring the outdoors.

Is there an ideal candidate for Pearson College UWC and the UWC?

We don’t have just one ideal. We tried to answer this question, and came up with some attributes you might recognize.