Accepting Applications

Applications for the Global Selection Program entry to Pearson College UWC in August 2023 are open!

The Global Selection Program (GSP) is an alternative way for students who do not require a scholarship or financial support to apply for a place at a specific UWC school – such as Pearson College UWC — participating in this program.

Students applying through the GSP pathway do not do so through their National Committees, but they are evaluated and assessed for their affinity with and support for the UWC Mission through a rigorous process based on the movement’s core selection criteria.

Prospective students who chose this route cannot apply through both the GSP and National Committee paths at the same time. Currently 15 of 18 UWC schools participate, the only exceptions being UWC of South East Asia, UWC Adriatic and UWC Robert Bosch College. You can apply to a single school or up to five schools at once.

The GSP is administered directly by the UWC International Office. More details are available at this link on the website.

Because the GSP allows prospective students to identify the schools they would like to attend, it is important for young people and their families to research individual schools first to find out which one best meets their needs. Every UWC promises an outstanding and challenging education, but each school promises its own distinct character and identity. Be sure to get a sense of the respective schools by reviewing their profiles accessible through this link and checking their social media platforms. You can also always contact individual schools directly to find out more about the campus, curriculum and extracurricular activities.

The GSP selection process consists of several stages

GSP Application Form

Begin your application process by registering and setting up a username and password on the UWC application form site accessible You can indicate here which school(s) you would like to attend.

Start your application


Initial Interview

Your GSP application is considered completed after you have submitted additional documentation such as reference letters, transcripts or other material. If your GSP application form is shortlisted, you might be invited to an online interview with the admissions office/s of the UWC school/s of your choice. Your parents or guardians may also be invited for an interview at this stage.


Assessment Session and Exercises

If you are invited to advance after the initial interview, you will need to participate in a series of online initiatives such as group activities, a project presentation and an emotional wellbeing questionnaire.


Additional Interviews

If you advance further, you may be asked to, together with your parents or guardians, to meet with faculty members or others with the school or schools you have selected. In certain circumstances, you may also be invited for more than one additional interview.

UWC School Fees

Students accepted to attend a UWC school through the GSP pathway are accepted on a full fee-paying basis.

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Pearson is the best thing that ever happened to me, providing me with opportunities and above all friends whom I’ll cherish forever. It is a place where I grew and laughed.



Pearson College is about an outstanding community unlike any other, that every person here is responsible for creating. The education here has provided me with a full-life experience that goes far beyond the classroom. The teachers show that they care deeply for us. 



It’s all about intuition. Interacting with people from different cultures opens my mind and broadened my perspective.



As much as I thought I could prepare, physically and emotionally, nothing could have prepared me for such an incredible, intense and life-altering experience.  

My first year at UWC was full of so many different experiences, opportunities and most importantly, amazing new people.