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Enrolment Documents
Digital Citizenship Agreement

View or Download the Digital Citizenship Agreement.

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

View or Download the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.

Medical Form - Parent

View or Download the Medical Form – Parent.

Medical Form - Student

View or Download the Medical Form – Student.

Standard Terms and Conditions

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Student Code of Conduct

View or Download the Student Code of Conduct.

How to Apply

Since 1974, Pearson has been instrumental in developing and fostering UWC’s unique admissions system with the Global Selections Programme and National Committees operating in 160 countries around the world. The vast majority of National Committees are run by alumni on a voluntary basis.

Pearson College UWC aims to build a deliberately diverse student community by actively seeking a representation of students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including a diversity of socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as from different nationalities and from communities that reflect tensions within and across societies.

If the UWC mission for a more peaceful and sustainable future inspires you, please apply!

Two ways to apply

Which Route is Best for You?

UWC Global Selection Programme National committee selections
Is entry guaranteed? No No
When are places offered to successful applicants? Selections are happening on a rolling basis. Candidates will be informed about their results within two weeks after attending an Online Selection Day.

January – April, depending on the national committee


Selections are happening on a rolling basis

Are the number of places available limited? Yes Yes
Are scholarships available? No Yes, on the basis of demonstrated need
Am I able to apply for a specific UWC school or college?

Yes, you can apply to:

1) One specific school
2) Up to 5 schools
(note fee levels)

No, but you can list your preferences
Can I apply in a language other than English? No In most cases, yes (contact the UWC national committee of your country of origin or residence for information on the application process)
How can I apply? Register on the application platform here Contact the UWC national committee of your country of origin or residence for information on application procedures

10 Things all Applicants Should Know

Be yourself

Be yourself. A cliché, maybe, but true. It will impress us most if the application accurately reflects who you are.

What we are looking for
It’s OK to reveal your weaknesses as well as your strengths. We’re looking for passion, conviction and commitment, not perfection.
Your Interests

We’re interested in the depth of your involvement with your interests, not a shopping list of your achievements. Be detailed, thorough, thoughtful and reflective on the application.

Interview Stage

Save the certificates, portfolios, DVDs and so on for the interview stage.

Spaces are limited

Acknowledge the possibility that you may not be accepted. The number of spaces available at UWC is limited.


This application is for all UWCs, not just Pearson College UWC.

Not a competition

This is not a competition. If you’re applying because UWC is hard to get into rather than out of a true desire to attend, consider other options.

Find out if you are a good fit

If you want to see if you’re a good fit for UWC, take a look around at the information and stories on the Pearson College UWC website and on the websites of other UWC schools.

The ideal candidate

What are the characteristics of the ideal UWC candidate? It is impossible to describe one single idea but here are some characteristics UWC students tend to have in common.

Start early

Start the application early, make yourself a note to remember.