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Have you heard about our summer SPELL program?

SPELL is the Summer Program for English Language Learning— a program co-led by Kim Meredith and dedicated alumni volunteer Dani McArthur of the on-campus Tiny House. This year, we had seven first-year students on campus for a 10-day program (August 17-27) of English Language Learning support prior to the arrival of their co-years.

The main goals of SPELL are to help the students gain confidence in their English skills, get over their jet lag and possible culture shock, and to create a supportive environment to ease them into their Pearson experience. They are supported by six experienced second-year students who were SPELL participants last year. The second-year students run afternoon and evening activities and get time and support for the Extended Essays as part of the program.

“SPELL just makes sense in the best possible way.  A very simple magic happens because we can get a small group of students together here on campus for a 10-day period before the regular program begins,” says Dani (YR 6/1981, Canada). “They can bond, form a first supportive community and develop greater confidence.

“Because they are a small group, we can also pay attention to their individual language needs. The second years provide a strong connection for the new students, and they also have the chance to work on their Extended Essays with support provided by me or Kim. It is a joy to coordinate and participate in something that responds directly to so many of the students’ needs.”

And what did the SPELLers think?

“Without SPELL, I wouldn’t enjoy Pearson life now. Friends from SPELL are treasure for me. It was perfect.”


“SPELL was sooooo great! It made me feel safe during the Orientation Week. Every time I needed someone to talk to, I always came to my SPELL people. Even though I found some new friends already, I always feel most comfortable with SPELL people. They all got my 100% trust.”


“SPELL helped me to make friends with a lot of amazing people. I feel so lucky to be one of SPELL participants. I love SPELL. Thank you so much!!”