We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.

The campaign to Renew and Re-found Pearson College UWC took another step forward with a recent decision to move ahead with a top-to-bottom renovation of the East House student residence building.

“Refurbishing student residence houses – improving the living and learning environment on campus – is a key part of our Renewing and Re-founding Campaign to support and secure Pearson’s future as a leading global education school,” said President and Head of College Désirée McGraw.

“It is only through the continuing generosity of donors, including materials suppliers, that makes our longer-term goals of rebuilding campus infrastructure in a way that is sustainable and honours both the buildings and land upon which we learn, possible,” added Senior Philanthropic Advisor and Campaign Director Theron Shaw. “Moving ahead with this renovation means we will continue to work hard in raising funds to make this, and other key projects, possible.”

Vice-President of Operations and Administration Ty Pile confirmed that the third extensive rebuild of a campus residence house in three years will focus on improving the safe and secure living environment for students and will take place over a compressed summer construction schedule between late May and late August.

“This is even more ambitious that last summer’s McLaughlin House renovation schedule,” said Pile. “But with the experience gleaned from similar renovations to Japan and McLaughlin houses over the past two summers, we feel confident we can meet this ambitious timeframe.”

Pile added the goal is always to complete work so that new and returning students can occupy the house as soon as they arrive at campus for the fall 2019 term in late August. Working with an experienced, local contractor and crew who are sensitive to our unique timing and sustainability needs also has helped make the materials ordering and construction scheduling as efficient as possible.

Like the previous house renovations, East House will be refitted with energy-efficient roof insulation and a durable, long-life metal roof, as well as with equally energy-efficient windows that will also provide more natural lighting. Interior lighting will be upgraded and designed to use less energy, while a centralized energy-saving heat pump heating/cooling system will replace outdated equipment.

To improve safety, fire suppression systems and engineer-certified seismic upgrades are key element of the rebuild. Sound-proofing insulation and durable, solid-wood furniture and flooring and drapes in both dorms and an expanded dayroom will enhance the study and “off-hours” environments for students.