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Scholarships: Ensuring a Pearson Education is Accessible to All

Thousands of supporters enable Pearson to offer the most generous scholarship program in Canada. Help continue this proud legacy and commitment to global education and understanding. 

The need for student scholarships continues to be critical. Our commitment to welcome at least half our students with full scholarships each year and provide necessary financial assistance for more than 75% of students is only possible through the continuing generosity of our supporters. As governments limit their support for promising high school-aged students, individual and institutional philanthropy can fill in the gap that enables more young people to access a Pearson education. 

Your Gift Can Support


Ensure Pearson’s student scholarship program has the necessary resources to select exceptional young leaders and scholars based on merit, not means


Enable the intentional growth of the vibrant Indigenous presence on campus


Safeguard the deliberate diversity that distinguishes the Pearson College experience