Renew & Re-found

Climate Action Leadership
Heeding the Call

The UWC movement must mobilize to confront a new threat: a global ecological crisis that will change the social fabric of global societies and irreversibly impact our health, peace, and prosperity. We boldly embrace a new imperative for our movement: a call to develop the next generation of leaders with the courage, creativity, and competence to address the climate crisis.

In 2022, Pearson College UWC is launching a first-of-its-kind Climate Action Leadership Diploma (CALD). Utilizing the incomparable living laboratory of the Salish Sea, emerging leaders with a passion for action will grow through bespoke curriculum, university-level courses and experiential learning in climate science, resilience, and adaptation; Indigenous perspectives and the environment; and engaged citizenship. Students will explore complex global issues such as migration, displacement, and climate justice; ecological economics, and design thinking and leadership for impact.

CALD graduates will forge lasting climate solutions as entrepreneurs and scientists, changemakers in the financial and resource sectors, innovators in tech and global health, and collaborators in the policy-making, private, and public sectors.

Your Gift Can Support


Student scholarships, particularly for young people from ‘front bumper nations’ who will be most dramatically impacted by climate change


Infrastructure and equipment for marine science and land/water-based experiential learning


Catalyst funding to elevate and accelerate the program through impact projects including targeted student recruitment, curriculum design, partnership development, and fast-tracking the dissemination of content worldwide