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Your investment in the Renew and Re-found Campaign can have an impact in any of five priority initiatives. 

Climate Action Leadership – Heeding the Call


Truth and Reconciliation: A Journey of Learning and Understanding


Scholarships: Ensuring a Pearson Education is Accessible to All


Renewing the Heart of Campus


Re-imagining Pearson’s Waterfront: Connecting to the Salish Sea

Meet our Donors

Irfan N. Kherani & Natasha S. Rupani

I have always planned on giving to Pearson College – my two years on Peddar Bay were incredibly formative largely shaping the person I am today. It is an honour and privilege to now have the opportunity to give back to the school, and in particular ŦÁ¸WEN House (Calgary House during my time!).

– Irfan N. Kherani (Year 32/2007, Canada-AB)

Alison & Trent Mackenzie-Armes

Everyone lucky enough to spend two years at the College goes through a life-changing experience — the bonus for us was that we found our life partner there as well.
So much of the international understanding (and misunderstanding) comes through the conversations, confessions, songs, and gatherings that are shared in the rooms and dayrooms of the houses.
We were delighted to have the opportunity to support the Renew and Re-found Campaign by sponsoring the room in STOKI¸ House (formerly Victoria/Albert’s House) Trent shared with his roommates, and that often included Alison.

– Alison Mackenzie-Armes (Year 5/1980, Canada-ON) & Trenton Mackenzie-Armes (Year 4/1979, Canada-BC)

Kevin Wong

No period of my life was more formative or important than the two years I spent at Pearson. That experience was made possible by the generosity of benefactors willing to take a chance on me. It is a joy to make that same education available to others. I am privileged to be able to start giving back meaningfully early on in my career, and it is only the beginning of a commitment that I hope to sustain for the rest of my life.

– Kevin Wong (Year 38/2011, Canada-ON)

Diana Thor

I’m happy to be able to contribute to the development of Pearson College, especially to the gym, since I have fond memories of it – that tiny corner at the end of the pool where I used to work out when nobody was around. It meant so much to me.

– Dianna Thor (Year 23/1998, Singapore)

RBC Royal Bank

We’re excited to be working with Pearson College UWC to help bring the promise of RBC Future Launch to life through this new and innovative Climate Action Leadership Diploma program. We have a responsibility to prepare young people for the opportunities and ambiguities of the future. That starts with teaching them the valuable skills to keep them future-ready and feeling prepared.

– Annette Sabourin, RBC Royal Bank
Regional Vice President, Vancouver Island

Jacob Chout

There were times that were mentally challenging, and one of the only places to save me from that stress was the gym. I do not work out a lot, but I could do so when I need to distract myself, and the gym always got my back. Additionally, I also learned how to swim at the pool that is just beside the gym, and that is something I can never forget.

– Jacob Chout (Year 46/2021, South Sudan)

Kaila Mintz

I’m a monthly donor to Pearson, and when I saw the College was planning to revitalize the gym, I jumped at the chance to support the initiative! Fitness and recreation are great ways to connect across cultures – some of my closest Pearson friendships were forged through the Lunchtime Run Club. Having a suitable gym space is a must for mental and physical well-being.

– Kaila Mintz (Year 26/2001, Canada-NL)

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