The first ever Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership (PSCL), a program for adults, developed by Kelsey Cham, Rebekah Parker and Kathryn Mc Cabe after the hugely successful youth program PSYL, is coming to an end and we went and met with the team to hear what they had to say about this brand-new program.

It was a small group of seven, who came together on the shores of Pedder Bay to connect with themselves, the group, the land and global topics for 12 days. During that time, we would find them scattered across campus, by themselves or deep in discussion as a group, in the forest, or out on the water. Headquarter was at the “fridge” (a beloved PSYL term for the Students Common Room, because you can chill there) or the grassy knoll in front of the pool building.

The PSCL facilitators provided the participants just enough structure to feel safe and supported, but also left the necessary room to meet each participant’s needs. According to the participants themselves, it was internal work, group work and emergence at its best.

“When I had come to PSYL back then, I discovered a whole new world, a whole new me. It was a great start. PSCL allowed me to delve deeper into the tools I was given then and practice them now, in this new and smaller group setting. I feel grateful that I had the chance to come back.”

“Yes. We want more of this program. Longer and the group size was perfect!”

“Be prepared to cry! Of laughter, of relief at a realisation, of healing of everything and first and foremost, because you will miss this group so much when the program is over.”

“PSCL inspired and enabled me to use the tools I had created back at PSYL. Thank you!”

“The sense of community was wonderful. I felt safe, supported, challenged and inspired.”

“I am going home as a new person.”

“PSCL has the potential to change the world. It has given me the tools to realize what I, as an individual can do about global challenges such as Climate Change.”

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