Theron Shaw

Senior Philanthropic Advisor and Campaign Director

Graduated from Pearson College UWC in 1991 (Year 16)
Working at Pearson College UWC since 2017
Country of Origin: United States of America


B.Phil. in International Development, Miami University MP in Public Policy, University of Minnesota


Philanthropy, Houseparent in East House, Choir.

Best thing about Pearson College UWC according to me

The water, forest and mountains that surround us here. The students from 90+ countries. All of us dreaming big dreams.

Must-have item for life at Pearson

Rain gear.

Favourite place

Sitting in a kayak at the mouth of Pedder Bay where you can see Race Rocks, the Olympic Mountains, and whatever eagles and seals happen to be on hand that day.

Interesting fact

I collect and play flutes of all kinds. I love beekeeping.