Lucas Olscamp

Graduated from Pearson College UWC in 2013 (Year 38)

Teacher of Theatre and Visual Arts, Victoria Housebuddy

Working and living at Pearson College UWC since 2020

What Country, Nation or Peoples do you represent? Canada


Bachelor of Arts (BA), New York University Abu Dhabi
Master of Design for Performing Arts (MFA), York University


One World Costume Design, Spoken Word / Slam Poetry, Dance, Theatre Troupe

Best thing about Pearson College UWC according to me

The people

Must-have item for life at Pearson

A peculiar sense of humour (or a sturdy mug for tea)

Favourite place

The forest — especially the hidden spaces tucked away behind the Max Bell Hall

Interesting fact

As of now I have worked on over 50 productions and projects in both performance and visual arts all around the world, and I am excited to engage with new ways of art making on campus.