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Pearson Producers |
A Growing Trend

Pearson Producers

The Pearson Producers student-led activity sees about 10 students regularly tend the garden and greenhouse. First-year students Sophie & Julie have made it their mission to revitalize the gardening program and grow their own produce for consumption in the dining hall.

Focusing on the greenhouse the team has grown pumpkin, zucchini, onions, squash and many more seedlings to be transplanted into the larger garden beds.

“My family has always been growing their own plants. I have worked side-by-side with my mom and it makes me proud to reap the benefits of this type of work.” Noah

“I grew up on a self-sufficient farm and this activity allows me to bring and share my knowledge and passion with my co-years.” – Julie

“I am passionate about food systems, locally grown produce and connecting with the land. This activity allows me to follow this passion while gaining further knowledge about plant planning, care and sustainability. And of course, it is fun to get your hands all dirty in the process.” – Sophie

As much as the Pearson Producers is a student-led activity, the entire team would like to send a huge thanks and shout out to residents Peter and Charlotte, who will continue to look after the greenhouse and garden over the summer as well as Metchosin farms for their generous donations of seeds. Thank you!