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Dear Pearson community,

I am pleased to welcome Evan Guy back to campus as our first-ever Pearson Fellow. This is a new program we are piloting with a view to engaging graduates of United World Colleges other than Pearson (for which we already have  the Alumni-in-Residence program, Alumni & Community House, Life After Pearson,  Alumni Reunions on campus, gatherings across Canada and around the world, etc.). Drawing on both the Jeanne Sauvé Fellows Program and some variation of “Residents Assistants” at other UWCs, Pearson Fellows are outstanding young adults living in residence who can serve as more immediate role models for our students while providing on-campus support and pursuing their own academic and/or professional projects in line with the UWC vision and values.

Many of you already know Evan from his work with Pearson College during the past two summers during which he demonstrated leadership and goodwill in supporting our Auxiliary programs and Alumni reunions.  A native of Victoria (born in Metchosin), Evan graduated from UWC Costa Rica as part of the class of 2014.  He is currently studying political science and economics at Quest University, Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit, secular university located in Squamish, BC. As he enters his fourth and final year of his undergraduate degree, and as the focus of his keystone project, Evan is developing a thesis about reconciliation, access to justice and Canadian educational institutions.  Clint Kuzio has kindly agreed to share his insights and guidance as the College’s coordinator of reconciliation programming and drawing on his background in law.  In addition to sharing his research findings with Pearson College, Evan has offered to tutor some of our students (coordinated via Dean of Studies Emily Coolidge) and work with Activities Coordinator Travis Young with some off-campus activities.

In his free time, you’ll find Evan off hiking in the mountains around Quest, exploring the West Coast via kayak or simply in search of a good conversation over a cup of coffee. As a UWC alumni, Evan is very happy to be continuing the mission and values of the movement through his work at Pearson and his academic research.

Evan will be on campus for the months of September and October.

Based on this track record within the UWC, I’m confident Evan is an excellent candidate to pilot the Fellowship – a program we hope to develop further at Pearson and eventually other United World Colleges.

Please join me in welcoming Evan Guy to campus as a Pearson Fellow!


Désirée McGraw 
President and Head of College