Pearson College UWC is more than just a school.  

It is a vibrant community of people like you who are committed to fostering global understanding and positive change. It’s made up of teachers, staff and house parents who inspire the brilliant and promising young people who join us on Pedder Bay each year. 

Now on the cusp of our 50th anniversary, we want to celebrate what all supporters like you have made possible and, together, look ahead and dream about what we can accomplish over the next half-century. 

Our supporters’ participation in the Renew & Re-found campaign ensured key learning and living environments are modern, safe, accessible, and sustainable. They also helped launch innovative new programming, such as the Climate Action Leadership Diploma, while ensuring this global education also remains accessible.   

Yet, there’s still more to do. We invite you to keep the momentum going. 

Support Student Scholarships Today

Every year, our faculty and staff are fortunate to nurture the brilliance, ambition, and compassion of students whose path to Pearson began simply with a gift from you.  

Escarlin, pictured during a CALD ceremony

Students like Escarlin, a first-year student from the Dominican Republic: 

“I come from a country where educational opportunities are scarce for children from low-income families like me. Being able to study at Pearson College has changed the course of my life completely. Thanks to you, I have access to quality education that my family would never be able to afford. I am part of the Climate Action Leadership Diploma program where I am learning skills that has inspired me to pursue sustainable architecture back home.”

We invite you to support students like Escarlin and consider a donation to Pearson’s Scholarship Fund 

As we celebrate our first half-century and look ahead to the next 50 years, we are eager to forge the path forward into Pearson’s next era of service – and we can do so knowing you are with us each step of the way. Our students’ future begins with you.

Our students’ future begins with supporters like you. I invite you to make a special one-time gift towards student scholarships today. Donate Today

Help make global education accessible to students like  Ali, Jeremiah and Serena!

“Going to a United World College like Pearson has been my biggest dream. My life back home could not support this dream, but I believed in the possibilities of life and trusted organizations and people like you who value the dreams of youth who want to foster change in our society.”  Ali (Year 50/2025, Afghanistan & Canada-Saskatchewan)



“You give me – and others like me – an experience that we could once only dream of. I promise to keep the fire going (the fire you helped spark) and hope to become a donor myself to join in the never-ending fight to uphold UWC values in a world that sometimes strays far away from them.”  -Jeremiah (Year 49/2024, Guyana)



“I want to say the biggest thank you to everyone who is supporting my journey to Pearson College. I would not have been able to attend this school otherwise. I cannot wait to see what new experiences await in my second year!” Serena (Year 50/2025, Canada-British Columbia)



Thank you!