One could almost forgive faculty member Alan Penty for a bit of stage fright at the prospect of taking on a leadership role for the legendary and high-profile Pearson College UWC One World performances.

But that’s not really Alan’s way. With three decades of teaching experience, a love of theatre and a strong desire to support young people in expressing themselves and finding their artistic talents, he brings a pretty solid footing to his new role as Artistic Director for One World, the annual music, dance, and spoken word performance in mid-March at Victoria’s downtown McPherson Playhouse.

Taking over from the equally-legendary Libby Mason as the new Theatre teacher at the beginning of this academic year, he knows he is working alongside experienced One World veterans including Directors of Dance Dr. Adriana Martinez (YR14/1989, Mexico), Director of Music Dr. Paul Faber and Director of Choir, Teodora Georgieva.

“I was impressed with the students’ work that went into the Regional Day shows,” says Penty. “It was all student-driven, from selection of performances, casting to production and more. Students weaved together opulent and rich stories, very much a mini One World.

“This makes me very excited to start working on next year’s One World,” adds Alan.

“One World is an incredible leadership opportunity for all of our students,” says Paul. “Whether it be on stage, behind the scenes, or through the interactive exposition (where students showcase their community service and other projects), every single one of our young people has an integral role to play.”

Across nearly four decades, Pearson College UWC students have shared the music, dance and stories of their home countries on the One World stage.

“It is very powerful to bear witness to the students’ stories and experiences as they explore and present them to the world and with the audience,” Alan explains.

This challenging – yet ultimately rewarding and inspired — labour of love is one more way in which Pearson College students learn to learn, live and work together in a celebration of diversity, collaboration, creativity and courage.

Why we think you should join us in March 2018 for One World?

For everyone who has not seen and experienced One World yet: “This incredible performance provides a rich, potent understanding of cultures that most of us would have never experienced before.”

And why would we urge you to come join us again? “If you’ve seen the show, you know what our students are capable of – and remember that with a new student mix every year the show will always be different! If you haven’t seen One World before, then prepare to be amazed at the talents these students from the four corners of the globe bring to Pearson and Victoria! Prepared to be swept away by new performances and look forward to enjoying perennial favourites such as the South African Gumboot Dance, Ukrainian Dance and the One Hundred Voices Choir.”

I like a good performance but what else is in it for me?  “A really good feeling and optimism for the future. Students at Pearson College UWC are motivated, knowledgeable, capable and articulate – and most of them receive financial assistance. This scholarship assistance enables us to bring together a ‘deliberately diverse’ group of young people, including those who were once refugees or have backgrounds that would not normally allow them to access the type of demanding academic and experiential education they receive at Pearson. Purchasing One World tickets helps ensure we can bring more young future global leaders from around the world.”

I live on the other side of the planet! How can I enjoy One World? “Keep an eye on our social media channels before and after the 17 March performances for promos and highlights. And, within a few weeks after the performance, we’ll share a link to a video of the show in its entirety.”

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Event details:

Friday, 16 March 2018

Dress Rehearsal | 2pm

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Matinée | 2pm

Evening Show | 8pm