Taking our Responsibilities Seriously

At Pearson College we are committed to the health and safety of every student in our community.

I have shared with you, through our Taking Our Responsibilities Seriously website page and my regular President’s Updates, several measures taken over the past three years to implement a comprehensive program to promote student and community safety as well as to address historic issues related to past sexual misconduct. These measures included the creation of a robust set of policies and an independent review by an external expert.

These efforts are ongoing and today, I am writing to communicate an important message we shared with former students who were affected by past sexual misconduct during their time at Pearson College. Today, in a gathering with some of these former students, the Chair of our Board of Directors and I shared a Statement of Apology for the hurt and harm caused by these experiences.

We live and learn in a community guided by understanding, compassion and respect.  Please be assured that no current employees or residents on campus were named in the reports we received.   Our journey has opened up dialogues about consent, and everyone on our campus has received training to help ensure that our community is safe and respectful for all who live here.

We also created the position of Special Advisor-Respectful Community, which reports directly to the President and Head of College. This position is a dedicated resource to assist any individual who wishes to inform the College, in confidence, of their experience and to seek support. The Advisor can be reached at respect@pearsoncollege.ca  or through the EthicsPoint helpline.

We have strengthened our culture of respect and safety through this process, and you have my firm commitment that we will continue to do so.


Désirée McGraw
President and Head of College