At Pearson College UWC, we have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour. We are unequivocally committed to a safe and respectful experience for every individual – students, alumni, faculty, staff and guests – associated with the educational institution.

This page summarizes and provides links to the health, wellness and safety updates shared widely over the past three years. The key health, safety and wellness initiatives noted have been implemented, or are in the process of being put in place to support and protect students, alumni and all adults who are part of the Pearson community.

Policies, procedures and actions are not static – they need to be living documents and incorporate approaches that reflect enlightened thinking and current best practices. We will continue to work with independent experts, as well as encourage our alumni, current students and all members of our community to share their knowledge and perspectives so that collective wisdom informs how we conduct ourselves in supporting the best possible experience at Pearson College UWC.

We welcome additional comments from all members of the Pearson community. If you wish, please contact Special Advisor – Respectful Community at


October 2019 – Mental Health and Wellness in the Wintertime

February 2019

On Monday, 4 February, Pearson College UWC shared an important statement with our communities. Please view this statement here.

January 2019

In October 2018, the UWC International Board adopted the UWC Common Safeguarding Standards. Pearson College, together with all UWC schools and colleges, is aligned with and fully supports these health, well-being and safety standards. Read more.

October 2018

On 15 October, President and Head of College Désirée McGraw announced the appointment of Pat Patton as Head of Human Resources / Special Advisor – Respectful Community for Pearson College UWC. While maintaining her previous portfolio as Special Advisor-Respectful Community, Pat in her new full-time role, will report directly to the President as a key member of the Senior Leadership Team bringing to bear her considerable experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Pat’s mandate includes the important role of support, inclusion and engagement of  diverse College employees, campus residents and volunteers as we work to achieve our “People” goals under Strategic Plan 2022. Pat’s role as Special Advisor – Respectful Community continues her strong focus on the College’s culture, policies and practices to ensure alignment as a respectful community.

May 2018

In order to assist and advise the College in implementing the Respectful Campus Policies, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia (Pat) Patton as Special Advisor – Respectful Community for Pearson College. Engaged on a part-time basis for the next year, Pat will work closely with me to ensure that our policies and practices are robust and aligned with leading practices as we implement our Taking Our Responsibilities Seriously theme outlined in my ongoing communications with the Pearson community both on and off campus.

President’s Update – January 2018

As we begin a new year and school term with refreshed enthusiasm, I would like to update you on the key health, safety and wellness initiatives we have implemented to support and protect students, past and present, who are part of the Pearson College UWC community.

President’s Holiday Message – December 2017

Policies are to be reviewed periodically to ensure continuous implementation of leading health, wellness and safety practices.

College Policies – November 2017

Subpage created in November 2017 to highlight the development or updating of specific policies. Content on the page specifically invited anyone interested in providing comments or additional input on these or other policies or any other concerns to contact the designated HR Officer. Links on this page and below take readers directly to the respective policies.

Respectful Community Policy

Non-Discrimination and Accommodation Policy

Gender Diversity Policy

Sexual Misconduct – Sexual Violence Policy

President’s Update – Fall 2017

Independent consultant and subject expert Pat Patton led the community through a discussion of our updated Respectful Community and related policies.

President’s Update – Spring 2017

The independent review showed that our existing policies and complaint procedures are largely consistent with best practices among similar institutions. A number of recommendations for improvement were made that are being reviewed and implemented.

President’s Update – April 2017

Within days of my assuming the headship of Pearson in August 2015, I became directly aware of allegations of past misconduct impacting some of our alumni. After bringing my concerns to the Board at my first meeting with them, the College, in the fall of 2015, engaged human rights lawyer Cynthia Petersen. She was tasked with a two-part mandate deliberately designed to ensure that best practices were in place for current students and to review the historical concerns that had been brought to my attention.

President’s Update  – January 2017

Every adult on campus took part in several days worth of health, wellness and safety training in August 2016. This is a long-term annual commitment that is essential for a modern independent school.

President’s Update – April – May 2016

Following a review of College policies, and how we apply these to ensure we continue to meet best practices to ensure student safety, a Vulnerable Sector Check has been incorporated in our mandatory Criminal Record Check (CRC) Policy.

President’s Update – April 2016

The College engaged Cynthia Petersen, who is one of Canada’s top human rights and labour lawyers and currently holds the position of Ontario’s Superior Court Justice.

President’s Update – Autumn 2015

With new leadership in place, we are reviewing all facets of our mandate and operations