We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.

Presentations from the President’s office

Désirée McGraw joins international environmental lawyer Johannah Bernstein to present an overview of the Paris climate negotiations for International Affairs
VIDEO: Livestream event of “The Precarious Road to Paris” — 1 December 2015

Désirée McGraw welcomes new and returning students to Pearson College UWC
SPEECH: Opening Assembly Remarks to the New Students — 31 August 2015

Désirée McGraw welcomes alumni from the last 40 years back to campus
SPEECH: Founder’s Celebration Presentation — 9 August 2015

Désirée McGraw is introduced as Pearson College UWC’s President and Head of College
SPEECH: Opening Remarks — 20 April  2015
VIDEO: See the announcement and standing ovation for the appointment