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December 2017

11th December - Pearson College UWC Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Lester B. Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize




Ottawa –Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Pearson College UWC) is today hosting a gathering of federal Cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, international diplomats, alumni, donors and supporters –  including members of the Pearson family – to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Lester B. Pearson’s 1957 Nobel Peace Prize…

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November 2017

29th November - Former Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan Appointed Chair of Pearson College UWC Board of Directors




Victoria – Former Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon. Anne McLellan, P.C., O.C., A.O.E., is the new Chair of the Pearson College UWC Board of Directors.

McLellan a three-year member of the Victoria-based independent international school’s Board assumed the leadership role earlier this month, stepping up to replace retiring Chair and long-time educator Tony Macoun. McLellan joins Vice-Chair Christine Healy, College President Désirée McGraw and Vice-President Education and Programming Heather Gross to form a strong female-led leadership team.

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27nd November - Author and Journalist Andrew Cohen at Pearson College UWC
Biographer marks 60th anniversary of “Mike” Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize

Metchosin – Award-winning Canadian author, academic and journalist Andrew Cohen will be the feature guest at the Friday, Dec. 1 session of the Pearson College UWC Speaker Series on the Metchosin campus.

The Montreal native is a noted scholar of former prime minister, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and inspiration for Canada’s only United World College, Lester B. “Mike” Pearson. December marks the 60th anniversary of Pearson being awarded the Nobel for his work to establish UN Peacekeeping forces and defuse the Suez Crisis – as Cohen outlines in his biography of the great diplomat, Extraordinary Canadians: Lester B Pearson.

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22nd November - Pearson College UWC graduate named Rhodes Scholar





Metchosin – Pearson College UWC graduate and Saskatoon native Nik Carverhill has been named a Rhodes Scholar for 2018.

Carverhill, now 22 years old, attended Pearson — a two-year, pre-university college in Metchosin — from 2011 to 2013. Currently, he is a student at Yale University who previously attended Yale-NUS College in Singapore. The Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate award given to exceptional students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford, with the aim of nurturing public-spirited leaders of the future.

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October 2017

18th October - Pearson College UWC hosts Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Metchosin – Members of the media are invited to cover a Community Citizenship Ceremony this week on the campus of Pearson College UWC in Metchosin.

Up to 80 people are scheduled to take their oaths of Canadian citizenship this Friday at noon in the Max Bell Hall before friends and family. Hosted by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) with funding support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, community citizenship ceremonies take place in iconic locations like Pearson across Canada.

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September 2017

30th September - Pearson College UWC hosts renowned facilitator Adam Kahane
Pedder Bay – Teaching young people how to bring people together in peaceful and productive dialogue to solve problems is part of the DNA of Pearson College UWC.

This Thursday, Canadian Adam Kahane — who has helped bring people and factions together in South Africa during the dismantling of Apartheid and in Columbia during the fifth decade of a seemingly-intractable civil war — will be speaking to and working with students at the Metchosin global school named for Canada’s best-known peacemaker, Lester B. Pearson.

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05th September - Parliamentary Secretary for Youth at Pearson College UWC
Pedder Bay – Join Peter Schiefke, MP (Vaudreuil - Soulanges, Québec) and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada and Minister for Youth for a presentation and discussion with Pearson students and the Metchosin community this Thursday, Sept. 7.

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August 2017

29th August - The “world” returns to Metchosin (Gazette)
Pedder Bay – Going “back to school” in Metchosin takes on an entirely different meaning when you travel halfway around the world to get to the Peason College UWC campus on Pedder Bay.

“For 44 years now, our students have been making their way to Pearson from nations around the world — from Argentina to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between,” says President and Head of College Désirée McGraw.

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29th August - The "world" returns to Metchosin (Muse)
Pedder Bay – Going “back to school” has an entirely different meaning when you travel halfway around the world to get to the Peason College UWC campus on Pedder Bay.

“Our students have been making their way to Pearson from nations around the world for 44 years now — from Argentina to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between,” says President and Head of College Désirée McGraw.

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July 2017

17th July - Appointed Governor General Julie Payette alumna and supporter of UWC
Canada’s Governor General-Designate, Julie Payette O.C., Q.C., has strong connections to Victoria’s Pearson College UWC and is a long-time supporter of the UWC (United World Colleges) mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

The 53-year-old Montrealer, a former astronaut who speaks six languages, served on the volunteer Pearson Board of Directors between 2010 and 2013 and graduated from UWC Atlantic College in Wales in 1982. Pearson and Atlantic colleges are the two original members of the global UWC network of 150 national committees and seventeen schools (

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June 2017

2nd June - Pearson College UWC announces new CAO Heather Gross
Heather Gross has been appointed Chief Academic Officer and Vice-President of Education and Programming for Pearson College UWC in Metchosin. Heather graduated from Pearson in 1995, returning to the international school 12 years later to lead student Admissions and Counselling. As CAO, she will manage, develop and ensure the delivery of curricular and co-curricular programming; learning through study, service and experience; and living together on campus in a cross-cultural setting.

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1st June - Alumni-led Grassroots Project Honors Longtime Host Family Volunteer and Metchosin Resident "Tita" Dieza
Dieza Dolencio, or “Tita,” as many students lovingly call her (Tita is an affection term for Aunt in the Philippine language Tagalog), first opened her heart and Metchosin home to hundreds of young people from Pearson College UWC more than 40 years ago.

Earlier this year, three Pearson alumni created the “Legacy Project for Tita Dieza” to honour their spiritual mentor and lifelong friend. In only a few short weeks, this project successfully raised the equivalent of a full one-year student scholarship to the College – funds that will be used to help a deserving student attend this Metchosin-based international school. Students, faculty, staff and alumni alike came together for Tita’s 80th birthday this past May and presented her with the results of the fundraising campaign.

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April 2017

25 April - Pearson Hosting Esquimalt-Metchosin All-Candidates Forum

Pearson College UWC is hosting a student-led all-candidates forum at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 25 at its Metchosin campus and the public is invited. B.C.’s provincial election is May 9 and all six registered Esquimalt-Metchosin candidates are invited to attend this forum in the Dining Hall.

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March 2017

07 March - Canada 150: An Indigenous Perspective

VICTORIA, B.C. Are you celebrating “Canada 150” or “North America 13,000” or both?

Join three distinguished Indigenous thinkers and writers for “Canada 150: An Indigenous Perspective” at Pearson College UWC, located on the traditional territory of the Scia’new (Beecher Bay) First Nation, in Metchosin. The College is committed to building upon the calls to action put forward by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and to actions that support reconciliation with local and wider Indigenous communities.

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February 2017

10 February - David Goa: “Does Faith/Religion Divide or Unite Us?”

VICTORIA, B.C. Noted Canadian religion and faith scholar David Goa – asking the question, “does religion, faith and an understanding of God divide or unite us?” — is leading next week’s Global Affairs session at Pearson College UWC in Metchosin.

Goa, founding director of the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life at the University of Alberta, teaches seminars and workshops on topics such as leadership in times of deep difference, tradition and modern culture, issues of religion and public life, and the gifts of religious tradition. Through these teachings Goa seeks to move public and religious discourse beyond the ideological silos that so often limit understanding.

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January 2017

09 January - B.C. Sen. Yuen Pau Woo Speaks at Pearson College UWC

VICTORIA, B.C. British Columbia’s recently-appointed senator Yuen Pau Woo will speak to students and the public at tomorrow’s Pearson College UWC Global Affairs presentation.

Born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore, Woo is a 1981 (Year 6) graduate of Pearson who attended the unique Victoria-area school on a scholarship – like the majority of the 160 current students from across Canada and around the world.

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13 January - TEDx “We and the World”

VICTORIA, B.C. TEDx is coming to Pearson College UWC tomorrow with a focus on sharing the voices of young leaders and agents of change from the Victoria region and around the world.

Organized entirely by Pearson students (ages 16-19), this is the second-ever independently-organized TEDx event hosted at the international school in Metchosin. Live speakers from the College and schools around the region will present powerful, original and personal views based on their individual life experiences.

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