The World at Home in Metchosin

This term – and the PC Year 45 incoming cohort — is particularly exciting because it marks our return to a “full” student enrolment of about 200. We say “about,” not because any students get lost in the complex shuffle of welcoming new young people to the UWC movement, but because sometimes students who are accepted face visa and related issues when they travel abroad – sometimes for the first time — to Canada.

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Welcome (Back!) to Campus

The last week of August brings a very special event here on the Pearson College UWC campus – the arrival of a new cohort of first-year students.

This year – the 2018-19 academic year – will see us greet the students of PC Year 45. I, for one, am delightedly curious about their individual stories of how their disparate paths brought them to our door. They all went through a challenging and meaningful selection process, with great leadership from National Committees, to get to Pedder Bay. Welcome to all of you, Year 45!

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SPELL – a time to gain confidence and build skills

From the annual MISSA arts extravaganza, to summer programs full of youth leadership, laughter and friendship, to hosting on-campus weddings and to the joy of alumni reunions; magic is in the air. But that’s not all of it. The last of the summer programs casts a special “SPELL” over the campus as we ease from summer into fall mode. SPELL — the Summer Program for English Language Learning — is a 10-day program of language learning support for first-year students.

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