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The Canadians are Coming to Pearson

Reading Time: 4 minutes This month’s story focuses on the young Canadians who will be attending Pearson College UWC for the first time. Watch for the story of Canadians who are scheduled to make their impact on 17 other UWC schools around the world in next month’s Pearson eNews. 

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A Snapshot of Our Year 46!

Reading Time: 2 minutes On 28 August 2019 we expect to greet first-year students from more than 60 countries and territories. For the coming academic year, 29 per cent of students will be coming from North America, 22 per cent from Asia, 21 per cent from Europe, 11 per cent from Africa, 9 per cent from Latin America, 5 per cent from the Middle East and 4 percent from the Pacific/Caribbean.

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MISSA turned 35 years in 2019!

Reading Time: 2 minutes What started as an idea back in 1984, by Robin Hopper, a Pearson art instructor, and some artist friends, has blossomed from 5 workshops and 50 people to 40+ workshops and over 400 people!

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Host families – an integral part to the Pearson experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 120 and more active Host Family members, who have generously hosted our students this past year during academic breaks such as CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) and Project Weeks, winter break and numerous weekends offer so much more than a place to sleep.

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