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Pearson College UWC Students working with the KULE Foundation in Mukangu Kenya (Credit to: Charlie Vrolijk)

Story and images submitted by KULE CAS members

Pearson College UWC is a school dedicated to cultivating the next generation of changemakers. In fact, the College was built on a mission to inspire students to work towards a sustainable and peaceful future. No one said, however, that this impact can only come once the graduation caps are unboxed. Many students have taken the mission into their own hands. Enter KULE, a vibrant NGO led and fueled by Pearson students. Not only do these students oversee much of the organization’s operations, many of them also travel to Kenya to carry out the operational work of the foundation.

Make sure to visit our brand new website or continue reading to learn more.

Mao (YR44/2019, Japan) playing games with the Roko 20 Children (Beyonce and Evelyn)

Who Are We?

The KULE Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on improving educational infrastructure in the Mukangu Village Of Kenya. It was started in 2000 by a man who has come to epitomize the values and energy of Pearson College UWC, our very own English teacher, Geoffrey Tindyebwa. Along the way, Geoffrey has engaged his dedicated students, and as a result, built one of the most vibrant, collaborative, and impactful NGOs in the region.

What Have We Been Working On?

This year has been extremely busy for us. We have launched a new website, applied for a plethora of grants, and continued to expand our programs in Kenya. The following are some of our largest projects from this academic year.

Female Hygiene Project

As a relatively new KULE project, the students have spent a great deal of time focusing and expanding this project. However, as it currently stands, this project is focused on empowering young girls with the tools necessary to achieve their dreams. It is a sad reality, however, many young girls in the community do not have access to, or education on, female hygiene products. In order to tackle this problem, KULE has brought reusable pads and female hygiene education to the primary schools in Mukangu for the past few years. Many teachers have recounted stories of these pads dramatically increasing girls participation in school and community event. This works to promote KULE’s main goal of empowerment.

Primary School Construction

As it stands now, many students in Mukangu are forced to walk 20km to school. KULE wants to alleviate the struggle for these children and make education more accessible. That can only come with the construction of a local school, and that is exactly what KULE has done. Indeed, the construction is underway now. We need to continue to fundraise, however, to complete the current construction.

Our New Website

This year, to promote the foundation and to complete the projects listed above, the KULE members at Pearson, with support from alumni, redesigned a state of the art website. You can now find us online at kulefoundation.com. Hosting stories, facts, and figures about KULE’s operations, the website will tell you all you need to know about KULE.

Pearson College UWC students (Tuva (YR44/2019, Norway) far right, Kamene (YR44/2019, Kenya) Centre) posing with children from the Koimboi Children’s Home.

What Can You Do To Help?

The KULE Foundation is working to expand its operations and better serve the community of Mukangu. With this expansion, outlined in many of the projects above, the help of passionate global citizens, such as yourselves, is going to be necessary. A donation, recurring or one time, would make a huge difference to the cause. Please consider supporting educational infrastructure in Kenya by donating to KULE. Thank you.