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Welcome back, Year 43!

Over the past days, I have heard such joyous sounds from you that I know how happy you are to return to Pedder Bay, reunite with your cohort, faculty, staff and other friends from the LBP community. The positive energy you radiate is wonderful!

This will be a great year, full of challenges as you cram in all sorts of activities, while preparing for the ultimate UWC challenge – the IB exams.

In addition, you are now the ‘old hands’ and we are all counting on you to take seriously your role as guides and mentors to Year 44.

We – faculty, staff and the broader LBP community – will be with you, every step of the way.

Welcome Year 44 to the unique world of Pearson College and to the greater world of UWC!

You have read all about Pearson, and some of you know former students, but until you actually experience it, you cannot fully imagine what an enriching and transformative adventure you are embarking on.

While you will enjoy cutting-edge education, service to the community is an important part of the Pearson experience. You will discover so many avenues to enlarge your experience and interests.

Our marvelous setting on Pedder Bay in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada offers so many opportunities to try new outdoor activities, or perfect sports and skills you already have.

Opportunities for artistic expression and exploring new hobbies abound. And, as the Year 43s will tell you, the involvement of every student in One World is an unforgettable experience.

I salute your courage! You have all demonstrated courage – simply by choosing to come here from far and wide to plunge into a totally new experience, learning to live, communicate and collaborate with a more diverse group than you have ever known. That courage will be key throughout your lives as you follow your dreams as change makers.

Most of you have come from far away. I understand you may have some feelings of anxiety.  It is, after all, a new experience in a unique setting– and, for so many of you, in a new country.