The North America Regional Day (NARD) and first of this year started with a wake-up call at 10:30am followed by a Carnival themed lunch. Through the afternoon of North American Regional day (NARD), we had six workshops organized and held by the NARD community. Workshops ranged from fun activities to discussions in seminars. In the evening we all enjoyed a Hollywood dinner at the beautifully decorated dining hall.

The workshops got kicked-off with an indigenous talk at the Gazebo by the health center. Annie, Kira, Becca and Quni shared their experiences and knowledge of being of first nation, Métis and Inuit heritage in North America and discussing and exploring reconciliation goals from the Canadian Government. Many students appreciated having the chance to ask them questions as they had not been exposed to American Indigenous culture before.

We then attended a dance workshop with a Newfoundland traditional dance coordinated by Dina and Zoey and learned to play Ukulele from Kali and Alma.

Thirdly, we all participated in a workshop about relations between the US and Mexico. It was interesting to hear the most genuine and honest share from Omar and Ivonne and we gained a better understanding about their respective countries’ perspectives.

After that, we moved to hear about Bilingualism in Canada (French and English being both official languages). Moving to the MaxBell Hall afterwards, we learned about Pop Culture in North America by referring to memes culture and popular pop song (mainly from the US). We danced away to Hanna Montana, Drake, and many more North American favourites.

The last stop before dinner was the colonization workshops led by four distinctives countries (US-Niko, Greenland- Aila, Mexico-Alana and Canada-Omar). All in all, the workshops gave us a better insight into North American culture, history and differences between the countries.

A Family Trip through North America

The evening show was portrayed as a road through different places, where a typical North American Family would experience the Mexican, American, Canadian and Greenlandic culture. The first stop was Mexico City, were a Mariachis groups were waiting for the audience to enjoy their “Estos Celos” by the Mexican singer Vicente Gracia.

The performers delighted us with an act that portrayed the evolution of dance in the United States, Omar from the US blew us away with his powerful spoken word named “let America be America again” and the Pearson Jazz band performed “Feeling good” by the American singer Nina Simone.

Canada presented a Hockey game and the Alberta presented a line dance full of cowboy hats and plait shirts. The show closed fittingly with the touching song “Take me home, country roads” by John Denver.

What a great day it was!

Submitted by Linh Nguyen (YR 43/2018, Vietnam) and Yorlenis Cardenas (YR43/2018, Panama)