A comfortable and supportive living environment that upholds a challenging and fulfilling educational journey at Pearson College UWC is an essential foundation to a successful learning experience.

But don’t worry veteran alumni, that doesn’t mean we’re making it too cushy for today’s students!

Yes, student dorm rooms still have (at least) four beds each and updated modular furnishings – made possible by many generous donors – that are well-lit for studying and make efficient use of every possible square centimetre in the space. The exterior design of residence and other buildings on campus continue to reflect the vision of the original architects and builders who wanted to honour this unparalleled natural setting.

Like alumnus and donor John Parapatt, who graciously shared his memories of Pearson above, more and more alumni, either individually or as a group of friends, are choosing to support our most ambitious appeal ever — the Renew and Re-found Campaign – by stepping up to sponsor a Residence House room. As of this writing, 29 of 50 dorm rooms have been sponsored. Thank you!

It’s no surprise that choosing this way to support the campaign often reflects a personal connection to a room or a House. Perhaps it was “their” dorm room or “their” House. Maybe they have good memories of supportive and caring Houseparents or advisors associated with a particular House. Perhaps it was a chance to honour the parents or the extended family who made a young person’s educational journey at Pearson possible.

Sponsorships can also be supported by generous parents, friends, board members (past and present), foundations and corporations and they are not limited only to dorm rooms. We welcome campaign sponsorships which support classrooms and other learning spaces, House dayrooms and Houseparent suites. Recognition plaques that allow donors to dedicate the space in their name or honour another individual or recognize an organization are available.

Remember, all funds raised through Renew and Re-found Campaign room sponsorships support campus renewal projects and are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Sponsor one on your own or invite others to join you!

Please get in touch with Carly Milloy (cmilloy@pearsoncollege.ca), Director of Advancement and External Relations, to find out more or view this page to see which rooms are still available to sponsor.