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Every year at this time, it is our pleasure at Pearson College UWC to welcome new members of our faculty and staff. In this edition of eNews, we invite you to meet six individuals who will be bringing their singular and unique talents and experience to the College community. Welcome!

Annice deChamplain – French Teacher

Annice is a French Language Arts Specialist, fluent in French and English, who also teaches Mindful Movement. Most recently Annice was a Mindful Movement Teacher at an international school in Calgary, Alberta, where she taught her students social emotional resilience through meditation and mindfulness practices.

Claudia Eguiguren – Accounting Technician

Claudia brings more than 15 years of experience in the world of finance to Pearson. Most recently, Claudia worked for a satellite communications company in Victoria as a bookkeeper/finance specialist. Claudia is fluent in English and Spanish and is taking remote working to a new level, working, at the moment, for Pearson in Mexico.

Dawn Boshcoff – Host Family, Volunteer and Student Transportation Coordinator

As a resident of Metchosin for the past eight years, Dawn has been actively involved in building, supporting and fostering relationships in the community. Recently, Dawn completed a four-year contract with a local not-for-profit, where much of her work involved recruiting, screening, and onboarding volunteers to attend to elders. Currently, Dawn also works with the United Way, developing a mentorship program for adults and youth interested in entrepreneurship.

Marisa Collins — College Doctor

Marisa will be providing care and support at Pearson within the scopes of emotional, mental, sexual or reproductive health. She is a member of the University of British Columbia Department of Family Practice faculty and has recently pursued enhanced skills training in mental health. In 2020 Marisa stepped away from working with the not-for-profit Options for Sexual Health. Marisa is passionate about swimming in the ocean, local lakes and rivers.

Melody Miu – Director of Admissions

Melody is the former Director of Admissions for Li Po Chun (LPC) UWC in Hong Kong, China. Prior to working at LPC, Melody worked as a Senior Admissions Consultant with the Capstone Educational Group also in Hong Kong. What inspired her to join the UWC movement was meeting an alumnus from Pearson who shared his experiences. As a Mental Wellness Coach, Melody has honed her skills by coaching new and prospective students and young adults. Melody is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Michelle Moon – Mathematics Teacher

Michelle is a passionate and internationally experienced IB educator who holds an IB educator certificate in teaching and learning. Prior to joining Pearson, Michelle taught IB Chemistry and IB Mathematics and coordinated the extended essays at EF Academy in New York City. Michelle is a life-long learner who is fluent in English and Korean.