We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.

We are thrilled to share with you the great news that McLaughlin House (House #3) will be fully renovated and refurbished this summer. McLaughlin House is the third student dorm residence to be extensively renovated in the past five years.

As soon as students move out on the long weekend in May, contractors will move in and begin the process of rebuilding the interior and exterior of McLaughlin House. We are aiming to have the refurbishment completed in time to welcome students in late August. This is an ambitious, but realistic schedule. Thanks to Ty Pile, our Vice-President of Operations and Administration, planning and logistics coordination and advance ordering of materials are already underway.

McLaughlin House will receive new energy-efficient roof insulation and a durable, long-life metal roof, as well as new energy-efficient windows that will provide more natural lighting. . Interior lighting will be upgraded and designed to use less energy, while a centralized energy-saving heat pump heating/cooling system will be installed.

To improve safety, McLaughlin House will receive a fire suppression system and engineer-certified seismic upgrades. Sound-proofing insulation and durable, solid-wood furniture and flooring and drapes in both dorms and an expanded dayroom will enhance the study and “off-hours” environments for students.

This work is essential as Pearson College returns to a 200-student population  this fall and is a key part of our plan to renew and update campus infrastructure. This got underway last year with the successful refurbishment of Japan House (House #2), the addition of new roofs on the Lang Library and Administration building along with extensive classroom, laboratory and living system upgrades to the Academic Building.

All building renovations and work on campus grounds are designed to enhance the wellbeing, safety and comfort of students and others on campus. It is being done in a way that respects sustainable practices, the environment in which our buildings are situated  and Pearson’s unique history and philosophy.

Our location is spectacular and beautiful, but as every campus resident knows, our rainforest climate poses ongoing challenges to our buildings and infrastructure. A thoughtful program of ongoing, strategic investment in our physical and built environment is not only prudent, it is a necessity.

This renewal project is made possible thanks to the continuing support of generous donors who are an essential part of a long-term strategic investment in the College. Our heartfelt and continued thanks to you!