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Mauricio Bermudez (YR 1/1976, Colombia) invited us to learn a bit about his life after Pearson.

After graduating from Pearson College, Mauricio studied medicine in Colombia and, like all medical doctors, he was required to work for the government for one year, or else for 6 months in a remote area. So, he chose to work in the Colombian Amazon jungle.

On his first ER call he delivered triplets which is an experience that many doctors older than him did not have. He loved working in the jungle (his own words), even though it involved many 18-hour days and Mauricio called working there “real medicine’; simply because he was required to do everything – ectopic pregnancies, hernias, appendectomies and other emergency procedures.

After his cousin applied on his behalf for a medical position on a cruise ship, his family urged him to go. He spent 10 years on cruise ships doing routine medicine such as treating colds and the occasional trauma, which he found much less challenging, but which would also led eventually to meeting his wife Kim along the way.

Thank you Mauricio and Kim for visiting and sharing your stories with us!