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Marine Science Expeditions

Students who have opted for Marine Science get to experience hands-on the unique regional biosphere near our campus. During a recent trip to the mudflats, faculty member Laura Verhegge, took her second-year students across Pedder Bay to local mud flats.

Mud worms and a bent-nose clam
are collected, brought back to the lab, where students later identify them. 

On a recent trip, students set and collected crab traps. Crabs were identified and immediately released back into the ocean. No crabs were harmed in the process.

During an oceanographic expedition, students were tasked to measure salinity and temperature at five different locations and depths throughout Pedder Bay.

Students collect concentrated plankton samples, which will then be later used to identify the great diversity of plankton under the microscope. This muddy looking sample indicates that phyto plankton was in bloom.

Marine Science is the science you can really sink you boots into,” jokes faculty member Laura Verhegge, who developed the course for the IB diploma program. Students enjoy the hands-on learning experience, that takes them out of the classroom and into the forest, to the beaches, onto the ocean and as in the above case, even knee deep into the mud.