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Dear Pearson College UWC Alumni,

For our Annual ‘Life After Pearson Prep Session’, we are reaching out to all of you in the hopes to gather as diverse a representation as possible of post-Pearson experiences.

We will be facilitating a combined in-person/ online panel, so, even if you can’t make it to campus you can be part of it and we really would like you to participate! Typically, we expect to have alumni representing the following fields:

  • Health & Medicine
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Architecture, Planning, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Government and Intergovernmental organizations
  • Communications
  • Non-for Profits
  • Sciences

In previous editions,  students greatly valued the chance to hear stories of trial, error, success, and opportunity, as well as have the chance to ask questions and talk about their worries with people who have actually lived through this transition… you!

Ideally, we would like to have 3 alumni on each panel, so a total of 24 alumni. Please consider volunteering your time and story!

In years past, we have had more applicants than spaces available, so we apologize in advance for not being able to accommodate all interested alumni. Thank you for using this application form to apply and, should you be selected, we will email you more details.

When: Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30-8:30pm PDT (we know this will be an inconvenient time for many of you and we hope you will still consider being part of this important transition)
Where: The Jane and Jack Matthews Room in the Admin building, at the College or online.

Thank you for considering volunteering your time.


Luisa Vasquez
Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Officer
Pearson College UWC