Editor’s Note:
Recently we received a lovely message from one of our host family volunteers, Lisa, telling us about the wonderful and enriching experience she had hosting students over winter break. And that is not even all the good news we received. Lisa went above and beyond, spreading her story by sending the letter below to the Metchosin Muse editor, a local non-profit publication. Read in her own words what she had to say.

Dear Editor,

During a chance meeting in the Broken Paddle back in December, we heard about the urgent need for host families for Pearson College students and ended up having the pleasure of hosting a delightful young lady from the school. This was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience that I highly recommend.

Hosting a student is a fantastic way to learn about different cultures and traditions firsthand while also providing a sense of community and connection to teenage students that are so far from home.

Hopefully, we can spread the word and encourage more people to open their homes to Pearson students over the holidays or for an occasional dinner. You’ll be glad you did.