by Craig Davis, Head of College

I am delighted to introduce our Annual Impact Report, a review of some of the many ways in which students, alumni, employees and donors are seeking to create positive change along Pedder Bay and around the world. With humility and pleasure, I invite you to review these stories of individual achievement, cooperative accomplishment and a collective will that drew from lessons learned during the still-stirring pandemic and from the inspiration to see beyond that horizon to envision a future focused on generosity, equity, climate justice and reconciliation.

One definition of impact is, “the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another” and we see this in our alumni through their Class Year Scholarships, gifts from former students and supporters to enhance the learning and living environment for future students and the donations of time and expertise by Board and Community directors that help guide our direction.

Another definition is, “to have a strong effect on someone.” From the broad impact of the UWC movement, with 60,000+ real-world influencers to the individual testimonies of Pearson students whose lives have been changed by experiences here — and who in turn have helped changes others’ lives for the better – the narratives are inspiring.

To add a definition, “the impression made by circumstances, an idea, cultural movement or a social group,” shines a powerful light on actions on our physical and virtual campus. COVID called on us to better support mental health in a diverse community with added wellbeing measures, learning support, and educational technology positions alongside steps to better equip faculty and Houseparents to intervene earlier to support students.

We are driven to implement actions identified in our Reconciliation Action Plan:  To graciously accept the gift of SENĆOŦEN language names and imagery for all five of our student residence houses, to more meaningfully support Indigenous students at Pearson, to enhance our friendship with the Sc’ianew First Nation and soon, to welcome a new Director of Indigenous Engagement.

Reconciliation forms the core of our emerging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy with anti-racism/anti-oppression/implicit bias training, an HR strategy prioritising diversity hiring and improving retention and support for student and alumni diversity initiatives.

Looking ahead, the introduction of our new IB curriculum pathway — the Climate Action Leadership Diploma – is moving forward for Fall 2022. The impact of this Pearson-initiated move will be felt across the UWC movement and eventually around the world through the influence of graduates in the spheres of social justice, sustainability and climate action.

Craig Davis
President and Head of College