On 11 November 2020, the entire campus community engaged in a student-led Indigenous Special Topics Day, starting with a sunrise ceremony called “Feeding the Water”, panel discussions, workshops and a movie screenings.
We especially appreciated that Board member and Pearson alumna Kory Wilson (Yr 14/1989, Canada) joined us for this special day on campus, lending her expertise and guidance, not only as a member of our board and alumna, but also as an accomplished Indigenous leader. Read first-year student Arian’s reflection below.
By Arian (Year 47/2022, USA)

Led by Pearson students, Indigenous Special Topics Day on November 11 was an incredible experience. From discussions to activities and presentations, there was always something to experience and learn about.

Of the activities I attended, the Ask Me Anything was extremely moving. Hearing the concerns and experiences of my peers helped me to understand that the impacts of colonization run deep. A particularly significant moment was when Graham discussed his desire to educate and speak out because his “ancestors fought too hard to give [him] a voice” for him not to use it. This reminded me that for many students at UWC, we are the dreams of our ancestors and we owe it to them to speak out about the issues our peoples face.

If there was one thing I took away from Indigenous Special Topics Day, it is this: there is so much more to learn about Indigenous history and as UWC students and people, we owe it to all marginalized peoples to educate ourselves and to understand the complex beauty of these cultures. This is the beginning of a new age at Pearson College UWC.