Impact Report 2021-22

The Impact of a Community Coming Together

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Welcome from Anne McLellan

Welcome to our 2021-22 Impact Report, a chance to share and acknowledge with gratitude those in our global community supporting through their deeds and actions the mission and values of Pearson and the United World College movement.

In this year’s report, we spotlight several inspiring stories of generosity and impact; from the Nova Scotia family that has two young UWC alumni and who are giving back to two UWC schools to the long-time volunteer and friend of Pearson who has committed to leaving a legacy as an expression of her ongoing support for scholarship students.

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Welcome from Craig Davis

Across the worldwide United World College movement, the positive impact that so many people make in their communities, organizations and countries drives us and inspires us. This short summary, our 2021-22 Pearson College UWC Impact Report, is both a tribute to that work and a sharing of just a few of these encouraging stories of commitment
and generosity.

In this report, you will read about the impact that Pearson students, young people still exploring their identities and finding their individual ways of making a difference, are creating in their own lives, those of their families and in their communities. You will hear from alumni – young people and some who attended the College years or even decades ago – telling stories of how their Pearson connections influenced their motivations.

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