Impact Report 2020-21

The Impact of a Community Coming Together

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Welcome from Anne McLellan

Welcome to our new Impact Report. This publication is our chance to say thank you to the many people who have supported Pearson College UWC through the past year-and-a-half of disruption which in turn generated perseverance, dedication and creativity.

We as a Board are proud of and humbled by the efforts by every single Pearson student, teacher, staff member, alumni and volunteer to create success out of this pandemic year. Messages like this one often speak to the dedication of a community.

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Welcome from Craig Davis

I am delighted to introduce our Impact Report, a review of some of the many ways in which students, alumni, employees and donors are seeking to create positive change along Pedder Bay and around the world. With humility and pleasure, I invite you to review these stories of individual achievement, cooperative accomplishment and a collective will that drew from lessons learned during the still-stirring pandemic and from the inspiration to see beyond that horizon to envision a future focused on generosity, equity, climate justice and reconciliation.

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