We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.


Pearson Apiculture Project

In late February, local beekeeper and apiary expert Derek Wulff guided our students and apiculturists-in-training through the process of extracting last year’s honey.

Using a hive tool, this student is extracting the cappings from the hive frame.

With the centrifugal force of the extractor, the honey is being separated from combs inside the frames.

Derek Wulff explains how the hive needs to be set up to receive a new colony of bees.

“The beekeeping program is an exciting opportunity for our students to participate in. It is a true labour of love, but the knowledge, skills and insights gained are invaluable. Students are involved in any aspect of apiculture, from nuturing the hive, to monitoring bee health, honey and wax extraction in a food safe environment to bottling, creating labels and the final sale.”
Corey Teramura

Despite the temporary set back to the beekeeping program, we are excited that the students were able to harvest 150 lbs of honey and created 30 lip balms. At this time the honey and lip balm will be offered to the on campus community only once we can safely return back to campus. The proceeds will support next year’s beekeeping program.

Gratitude to friend, neighbour and host family volunteer Derek Wulff for lending us his expertise, Corey Teramura and our apiarists-in-training. We can’t wait until the Pearson hive is buzzing with activity again.