Karel van der Vyver (YR 43/2018, South Africa), at the Rainbow Recycling Project in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

In December, we featured an innovative, student-led initiative called “PCGROWceries” to improve life at Pearson College UWC and create a fund to support worthy, community-based causes around the world.

PCGROWceries modest e-commerce site allowed students to order grocery items that were conveniently delivered right to their rooms, while a small commission charged on every order was collected into the PCGROWceries Charity Fund to be distributed to charitable organizations in the organizers’ home countries.

This initiative raised nearly $1,500 in profits that will be donated this summer to charities including Ursuline Creche Home for Children in Malta, Rainbow Recycling Project in South Africa, and Sanctuary of the Marine Turtle of Michoacán in Mexico.

For a full list of projects and an overview of PCGROWceries financial statements, click here.

Perhaps equally valuable was the learning experience PCGROWceries provided for its organizers:

Steve Farrugia (YR 43/2018, Malta), explains to his fellow students, “In the end, this business was not about us or about you, but about the people around the globe who struggle to get by. Due to your support we have raised enough funds to deliver significant change to communities across the world.”

Bryan Nakambonde (YR 43/2018, Namibia), when asked what this experience taught him, reflected, “If the community is at the heart of a business, then the business can achieve innovative solutions while make the lives of the less fortunate a bit better. Putting people at the heart seems to take an organization a long way.”

PCGROWceries, created and supported by the Social Innovation CAS is a brilliant example of how students move their lessons beyond the classroom and realize their power and potential as change-makers. Inspiring!