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This fall’s Pearson College UWC Global Affairs Speaker Series* kicks off with a prequel talk by Kenyan-Canadian author and activist Flora Terah-Igoki on Thursday, 6 September at 7 pm in the McConnell Theatre in the Max Bell Building.

Terah-Igoki’s inspirational talk, Turning Scars into Stars, examines how she used her past experience as a victim of violence perpetrated against her and her family members as a foundation to strongly advocate for the end of discrimination and all forms of violence against women and children to ultimately enable participation of women in all spheres of leadership.

Inspired by the globalist outlook of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and peacemaker Lester B. Pearson, the College has always had a strong outward-facing focus on world affairs and the big questions of our time. For this fall and winter terms, the College’s new Global Politics teacher and Global Affairs Program Coordinator has marked out a robust speaker series program designed to engage both students and the entire Pearson and area community.

In the May/June edition of Pearson eNews, we told you about Shefa Siegel who has taken on this dual role and how he will be working closely with The Pearson team to develop and coordinate the College’s Global Affairs Program, including speakers’ series and workshops led by external experts and our own community members.

This curated program begins on 27 September with scheduled guest Victoria-area community organizer and city council candidate Sharmarke Dubow. Watch for more news about this and the entire Global Affairs program on our social media channels.

Siegel said during that earlier interview, “The question I’m really interested in is, ‘how can you bring meaning to a community by bringing in people to focus on certain topics?’

He emphasized that his intention is to, “bring really interesting people to campus in such a way that they help us work on or clarify something that is of interest to us, to students, and is in an area in which we have questions or we have somebody who is really expert in that area and can help us better understand (an issue)?”

“I want to…stoke their idealism and give them a sense that there is great stuff going on out there that they can participate in and not to surrender to this dark moment of cynicism and corruption.

“Giving them an inspiration is one great thing but we (also) have to give them tools and know-how that they can really hold on to in a practical sense too.”

*Editor’s note: Some upcoming 2018-19 Global Affairs Program events may be live streamed. Check our social media channels for prior alerts.